B Y   T H E   N U M B E R S
It’s Always about Location, Location, Location!

Any effort to grow an association begins with good working knowledge of the geography of its current membership in order to pinpoint regional disparities and the overall geographic reach of the organization. AGCMO has a new software tool that allows us to drop pins on a map. We can – and intend to – utilize the Mapline® software to help us determine where growth is most needed throughout Missouri and will also allow us to better utilize our strength in membership by region as well. We believe there are nearly endless ways AGCMO staff can utilize this software to help maximize our association’s strength.

Currently, all members’ locations have been pinned – including all branch offices that AGCMO is aware of for our members. If your firm has a branch office(s) and aren’t sure if they are listed in our database, we encourage you to contact Beth Appelbaum to ensure that our database is updated and your branch’s pin(s) are marked. As new members are added, AGCMO will continuously update this mapping software.

Below is a snapshot map showing Missouri, and locations in contiguous states. Note that the snapshot doesn’t graphically show the full map of contiguous states – it simply graphically wouldn’t be readable if we included that here. Nonetheless, this does display a particular level of strength of AGCMO throughout the Midwest.



National Strength
AGCMO member strength is far-reaching! As the map below points out, our membership has influence in all parts of the US, as far away as Medford, MA; Labelle, FL; San Antonio, TX; Scottsdale, AZ; Carlsbad, CA; Denver, CO and Minneapolis, MN.



Southwest Missouri
AGCMO is focused on increasing services to current members in the southwest region of Missouri and in growing our membership base there as well. Below is a snapshot of members with locations in the southwest region. We look forward to increasing the number of pins on this map!



Southeast Missouri
In this region, AGCMO’s jurisdiction includes both building and highway division, making it prime for fairly significant growth.



St. Louis Metro
A large part of our membership has locations in the St. Louis metropolitan region which is also comprised of both building and highway division members.



Central Missouri
Though still a significant base of membership, the Central Missouri region is also prime for growth.



Kansas City - Expanded
In the expanded Kansas City Metro area, it’s clear that AGCMO’s membership base is primarily comprised of General Contractor members as part of the heavy/highway/infrastructure division and Supplier/Service Provider members. There are only a few of our building division specialty contractor members with locations in this region.



It’s one thing to say that AGCMO membership is strong throughout Missouri, but seeing is believing! There are approximately 1,000 member locations (including branches) identified on these maps. We are so glad that you are part of the AGCMO family and look forward to continuing to grow the AGCMO family.