Strategic Plan 

In mid-2017, the AGC of Missouri Board of Directors determined that it was time to move forward with a strategic plan based on the belief that the majority of the initiatives from the prior plan had been accomplished.  The first step in this process was taken by performing both personal telephone calls and on-line surveys of AGC of Missouri members to determine their expectations from the association.

In early November 2017, members of the Board of Directors met for a two-day strategic planning session.  Participants included Jeremy Bexten, Jon Danuser, John Doerr, Scott Drury, Greg Hesser, Phil Hocher, Paul Ideker, Chip Jones, Michael Kennedy, Joe Ritz, Don Rosenbarger, Becky Spurgeon, Erik Thompson, Sean Thouvenot, Leonard Toenjes, Ed Twehous, and Bill Wagner.

Participants work on the new AGCMO strategic plan with facilitator Harrison Coerver

The outcome of this session resulted in three goals, each with a series of action plan items.  Each action item has been assigned a target beginning and ending date, and the responsible parties for working on each action item have been identified.  In many cases, we will be reaching out to our member firms requesting volunteers to serve on task forces or subcommittees.

Over the next several years, the AGC of Missouri Board of Directors will continue to track progress on these three goals that address the concerns raised by our members. 

Those who attended the second day of the AGCMO Strategic Planning meeting included (left to right) Joe Ritz, Chip Jones, Sean Thouvenot, Scott Drury, Jeremy Bexten, Bill Wagner, Greg Hesser, Ed Twehous, Erik Thompson, Becky Spurgeon, Michael Kennedy, Len Toenjes, Don Rosenbarger, Jon Danuser, and facilitator Harrison Coerver.

Strengthen AGCMO’s influence as the voice of the construction industry

While significant progress has been made in this area, as with everything there is still room to grow.  Several of the implementation items will include assessment of the overall structure of governmental advocacy within AGC of Missouri, capitalizing on AGCMO events to improve member awareness, and utilizing every resource available to better market advocacy activities.

Take a leadership role in attracting and training the next generation of industry workforce

With workforce being a principal concern of our members, steps will be taken to leverage the already successful efforts of the Construction Leadership Council and the Young Executives Club, partner with existing organizations, coordinate member participation in job fairs and internships, and capitalize on digital and social media outlets.

Increase AGCMO membership by 25%

To build on the strength of the broad scope of AGC of Missouri, membership recruitment and retention will be more closely aligned with the Building and Heavy/Highway/Infrastructure Boards and utilize creative outreach and marketing strategies.

On behalf of the Board of Directors, we thank you for your continued participation in AGC of Missouri.  As your association moves forward in the years ahead, we will continue to focus on these goals, objectives, and action items you have identified.

Bill Wagner Chip Jones
Chairman of the Board Chair-Elect