The PAC is a key component of the AGC of Missouri's political strength - it gets our name, views, and expertise into arenas not otherwise possible.

You and/or your firm can support our PAC in a variety of ways:


Announcing a new way to support the AGCMO PAC. You can now participate in an online auction and bid on exciting and cool items while supporting AGCMO's advocacy efforts. Just click here and see what is currently offered for auction.


When your firm receives its dues statement, there is a voluntary PAC contribution amount provided. We ask that you include that amount in your dues payment. There is no maximum contribution level, so feel free to contribute whatever amount you desire - the amount on your dues statement is simply a suggestion. PAC contributions can also be received separate from your dues statement, at any time throughout the year.


Individuals can support the PAC too! Personal contributions to the PAC also have no maximum limit. Every dollar counts - and Payroll Deduction is an easy way to contribute to PAC (it’s painless!). Why not have $1.00 deducted from your paycheck to support the PAC with each payday? When combined with other payroll deductions it will help to build our PAC. Annual lump sum contributions are also welcome.


This annual Club is a group of AGCMO members willing to go the extra mile to support industry initiatives. Club dues change annually and correspond the the value of the current year (ie., 2020 Club dues were $2,020). Fifty percent (50%) of Club dues go directly to AGCMO's PAC.


Member participation in the various AGC PAC fundraisers is a “win/win”. The AGC “wins” when the event proceeds fill the PAC. The member “wins” by utilizing the networking opportunity. Whether it’s golf, sporting clays tournament or the auction at the annual convention, we appreciate your support.

For questions regarding PAC Contributions, contact Denise Hasty at (314) 480-3181.