2021 AGCMO Leadership Academy Classes

Congratulations to the First 2021 AGCMO Leadership Class! We are looking forward to hosting another one!

About the Instructor: 
A charismatic coach and master mentor, Ken Bradford, author of Fearless & Persuasive Speaking has taught 210 AGC chapter classes nationwide. In 26 years of training he has helped over 9,000 AGC members realize more of their leadership potential. Dennis McCuistion of the award-winning PBS television show The McCuistion Hour calls him “A coach that can quickly move you up to the next level no matter where you are today.” We guarantee this to be one of the most valuable and memorable experiences of your career.

CLICK HERE  to access the 2021 St. Louis, MO nomination form and brochure.

Nomination Form Deadline: Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Quotes from past participants:

"I encourage all of my peers to take this. The ability to communicate clearly and persuasively one-on-one and to groups is extremely important in our industry."

"Gives you more confidence in business situations. Interactive exercises. His participative style makes a big difference in how you learn. Time well spent!"

"If you want to advance your career – this course is a must. Whether you are just getting into management or a seasoned veteran, everyone leaves this class a better manager."

"Helped me feel more comfortable speaking to groups, name memorization and I’ve become a much better listener. It has not only helped me develop as a manager, but also in communicating with my wife and family. I strongly encourage anyone who wants to improve to invest in this class."

"Absolutely helpful! Makes you more comfortable talking day to day with customers. You learn how to better sell yourself and your ideas."