Supplier Service Provider Council


Make a positive impact on the construction industry and support the AGC of MO as an association by adding the Supplier/Service Provider members’ unique perspective and expertise.


To hold each other to the following code of conduct:

As members of the Supplier/Service Provider Council of the AGC of MO, we are committed to building quality relationships through responsible networking and conducting ourselves as professionals with integrity while adhering to the highest of standards in our professions.

To participate in the exchange of information in order to learn how to better serve and effectively communicate with clients by understanding their roles, challenges, and needs within the construction industry and provide the services and expertise to contractors and specialty contractors that are beyond their general knowledge.

To educate/ communicate to fellow SSP members the value of their AGC membership.


Any Supplier/Service Provider member can participate with Council activities, but there is a designated Steering Committee to guide council direction.  

Maureen Crawford, Chair
Ashlee Peno, Vice-Chair
Duane Smith
John Rotter
Robert Schroell
Gary Wisch
Erik Thompson
Alexanra Priputen
Mike Land

BuildMO Newsletter Article

The Supplier/Service Provider Council provides informative articles on the AGCMO BuildMO weekly newsletter.  The AGCMO Supplier/Service Provider Council members are offering insights and advice that will help contractors’ businesses in the construction industry.  This allows for Supplier/Service Provider members to gain exposure as subject matter experts without “Selling”. 

If you are interested in contributing, please reach out to your staff liaison Anthony Lancia – 314-480-3174 or