AGCMO Announces New Group Dedicated to Women

Women comprise 10.9 percent of our industry’s workforce and that percentage is growing significantly.  Women are entering the trades and project management in record numbers, and, for generations, women have served in key project support roles within the construction office. Today women work at all levels within our member companies, from CEO or HR manager, to customer service, shop supervisor, accounting department or receptionist. They may not always wear a hard hat, but they are a critical member of the team and contribute to the success of each and every project built or service delivered.

On Friday, AGCMO rolled out its latest endeavor to provide services, support and professional growth for women throughout our membership.  Details about Women of STEEL were provided to an exclusive selection of women from all across Missouri to seek their input and response to this new offering.

Development of the concept of a women’s group began about a year ago with a desire to reach more women within AGCMO’s nearly 550 member firms.  While Construction Leadership Council (CLC) and the Young Executive’s Club (YEC) already exist and provide opportunities for engagement for women and men alike, we believed it was time for a group dedicated to the special talents, needs, skill sets and work/life balance issues of women.

Women of STEEL is sincerely seeking to involve women within our member firms who aren’t normally engaged.  In fact, if they’re not involved in some way, shape or form, their name may not even be in our database. So we need your help in identifying these women – and encouraging them to reach out to AGCMO to be included in upcoming Women of STEEL events.

How You Can Help:
If you are upper management – male and female – we encourage you to spread the word about this new organization to the women within your firm.  Women of STEEL is for women of all walks of life:  from the C-Suite to upper management to accounting or HR to the reception or field personnel. 

AGCMO staff and our volunteer leadership team are currently developing details for the first of our anticipated quarterly meetings.  We are anticipating some in-person meetings by region as well as some virtual statewide meetings mixed in along the way.

Meetings will be both in-person and virtual, and will cover a breadth of topics ranging from professional development, building a positive online footprint, and/or finding or becoming a mentor  to achieving life/work balance, planning for retirement or just some fun networking.

We’d like to encourage all the women within our member companies to get involved and enjoy the many benefits of AGC membership. 

If you’d like more information about Women of STEEL, feel free to contact either Denise Hasty or Charlyce Ruth at AGCMO.  We also ask that you pass along names, titles and email addresses of women in your firm for us to invite to be part of Women of STEEL.

For details, please share this PowerPoint presentation with women within your organization.