OSHA-AGCMO Partnership

AGC of Missouri in cooperation with the St. Louis and Kansas City MO OSHA Area Offices has formulated a partnership agreement that promotes and ensures a cooperative working relationship with OSHA across the State of Missouri.  By having and maintaining a superior safety program, participants in the OSHA-AGCMO partnership frees up OSHA’s resources to seek out those contractors who are more likely to have a substandard workplace environment.  Participants in the partnership are recognized by OSHA, AGC, contractors, subcontractors, and owners alike as the area’s “best of the best” when it comes to workplace safety.  

Applying for the OSHA-AGCMO Partnership should not be taken lightly.  This partnership only accepts those companies who have an outstanding safety record, superior safety program policies and procedures, and an inherent safety culture in place.  Applicants may be either a Contractor Member or Specialty Contractor Member of AGC of Missouri.  Applicants must also pass an assessment by an independent safety consultant before consideration by the OSHA-AGCMO Partnership Steering Committee.
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